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Alisha Potgieter and Daleen Smit are the proud owners of Biolink Attention Training in Port Elizabeth.
As our team consists of a conventional school teacher and a home school mom, we have seen the effects of concentration difficulties in the classroom situation first hand


changing the way people think about adhd


Biolink is the ONLY Company in South Africa that uses World leading EEG Play Attention Neurofeedback technology for individuals struggling to maintain attention (ADHD) or to further improve attention levels (Peak performance)

We offer a fully integrated learning system to improve concentration, improve cognitive skills and address certain behaviors like, fidgeting and sustained attention. What makes this system so unique is that you can actually see in "real-time" when you are concentrating or when you lose concentration. When you concentrate your brain moves the avatars and becomes the Joystick.
Isn’t that cool!

Our mission

We are passionate about making a difference in a world where ADHD is often misunderstood. It is BioLink’s passion to improve children’s concentration and focus in order to aid them to be best they can be.

We want children to believe in themselves and we want parents to have a positive future vision for their children. We use educational neuro-feedback and support systems to help individuals who struggle with concentration (including ADD/ADHD) to be able to complete their daily tasks without difficulty. Bio-Link works with all the role players in a child’s life to ensure that the child reaches full potential.

We make use of NASA-inspired, world-leading EEG-feedback technology and educational programmes backed up by years of clinical research.

We actively participate in research and new developments in the field of attention training.


Changing the way people think about ADHD. Bio-Link wants to help individuals to acquire the skills to realise their goals and full potential.


Biolink uses alternative Neuro-Feedback therapy to help improve concentration and focus including ADD/ ADHD.

Improvements are measurable through scientific testing. This is unique to Biolink! If our children can increase their concentration span they would learn faster, perform better at school and have more confidence.

Neuro-feedback therapy is not only for children with learning disabilities, we help top achievers too!

Study courses: A range of different methods and techniques are learned to empower children and give them the confidence to study alone. Courses were developed by specialists in the field of education including remedial teachers, educational psychologist etc

Bridging the gap from grade 3 – 4: Prepares the parents & learner on what to expect in Grade 4. Tools also available for the learners, i.e. posters, test & exam examples

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Alisha Potgieter  |  +27 (0) 84 960 6890
Daleen Smit | 27 (0) 82 461 9092
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