About Us

Alisha Potgieter and Daleen Smit are the proud owners of Biolink Attention Training in Port Elizabeth.

As our team consists of a conventional school teacher and a home school mom, we have seen the effects of concentration difficulties in the classroom situation first hand. We have spoken to many parents whose children were on medication and were desperate to find an alternative that didn't have such an adverse effect on their children.

We believe that Biolink addresses this void in a holistic manner. Our neurofeedback technology, Play Attention, allows us to address each person's individual needs and growth.

In conjunction with this technology, we offer workshops that support and guide the parent as well as the child. Our goals are to address this gap in the Port Elizabeth area by not only providing parents with essential tools to support and assist their children, but also empowering children to acquire life skills that will allow them to help themselves

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